The Perfect Makeup Tips For Fair Skin Women

The Perfect Makeup Tips For Women With Fair Skin

Fair skin is considered a blessing, especially for women because they get to choose from a wide range of makeup products and try them on. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that even the fairer skinned women can ruin their entire looks with bad makeup choice that doesn’t seem seamless with their skin color. You have to be very sure before you choose your products and their colors because the chances are that you will not get any alternate help when you are getting late to join the party but to apply the same products which might not be suitable for your skin color.

Some Basic Starting Makeup Tips For Fair Skin

  • “Warm colors are ideal for the eyes.
  • You should by all means avoid blue, which will make your fair complexion appear yellowish.
  • Use bronze, a warm kind of beige or a radiant green, especially if you have red hair.
  • The grey, smoky eye look is great on faired skins, but don’t overdo it.
  • As clear skin types need contrasts, you might want to use dark mascara, which does a great job of enhancing your eyes, rather than brown or plum shades.
  • Well-designed liquid eyeliner is also great if you are not going down the eyeshadow route, and you’ll be sure to get an elegant retro look.
  • As for blush, you should probably choose a very light rose or peach color for a gourmand skin tone.
  • Warm colors, such as coral-orange, bright red, rosy or translucent gloss colors serve lips very well.
  • If you are going for a stunning, minimal look – tone down your eyes and go for a strong red lipstick.
  • There is a wide range of possibilities for fair skins when it comes to nail polish. “The current trend is toward desynchronizing nails and lips.” You can’t go wrong, so be daring!” [Source]

So these basic tips should give you a general idea of what goes with your skin color and what not. If you are careful with the choice of products and their colors, you could work with these general tips to highlight the right features of your face. You could read on and know more about the makeup tips to be followed when working on different parts of your face.

Best Blush for Fair Skin

What Blush Suits Your Skin?

One of the best makeup tips for fair-skinned women to follow is to always wear blush. Fair-skinned women can look very washed out if they do not wear any blush. Light peach or pink blushes look best on fair skin. Carefully apply a light touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush. If you want an even more natural look, apply crème blush to the apples of your cheeks with your fingers in circular motions.” [Source]

You might have not thought about it but different face shapes are treated differently when applying the blush. Obviously, the cheeks and the jawbone shapes are different for different face shapes and thus you need to apply the blush in different ways as well. These tips will be great help for you:

Face Shapes And Blushes

  • “A ROUND FACE is almost as wide as it it’s long, with the greatest width at the cheek. To slenderize, apply your blush in a sideways V on your cheekbones and blend up. To add an illusion of length apply a bit of blush to your chin and blend well.  
  • A SQUARE FACE has a squared forehead about the same width as the cheekbones and jaw line. The squared jaw is the prominent feature. Beginning at the center of the eyes apply your blush on the cheekbones. Blend toward your temples and apply a dab to your forehead and chin to soften the square angle of the face.
  • A RECTANGULAR FACE is an elongated square shape. The forehead is about the same width as the cheekbones and jaw line. Apply blush on cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. Be sure the blush never extends lower than the tip of the nose.
  • AN OVAL FACE is said to be the ideal face. The forehead is wider than the chin. The cheekbones are dominant with the face tapering from the cheeks to a narrow oval chin. Use your fingertips to locate the most prominent part of your cheekbone to apply blush and blend towards your temples to highlight your cheekbones.
  • A TRIANGULAR FACE has a wide forehead and high cheekbones. The triangular face tapers to a narrow chin. Blush should be applied in a sideways V on the cheekbones. Blend up from your cheekbones to your temple and then extend the blush over your brow a bit toward the center of your forehead. This will help to balance the width of your forehead with the rest of your face.” [Source]

Applying Blush The Right Way

Applying Blush The Right Way

  • “Select a blush that suits your purpose. Select a pink or peach shade of blush if you are using makeup to add color. Select a light shade of brown if you want to highlight your cheek bones.
  • Apply blush to your blush brush and tap off any excess.
  • Locate the top of your cheek bone with your finger. You will feel a bone about half way between the corner of your eye and the center of your ear.
  • Place the blush brush on the top of your cheek bone; pull the brush down and under your eye, following the curve of your cheek bone. This should be the shape of a comma lying down.
  • Disperse the blush from this line you just made down your cheek. Do not add more makeup for this step; just use the blush that has already been applied.
  • Repeat on the other cheek.
  • Even out your cheeks and add more makeup as desired using the technique above.
  • Brush a little color along your nose, your chin and your hairline using the remaining makeup on your brush. This creates a sun kissed look.” [Source]
What Eyeliner And Mascara Suits Your Skin?

So how can we forget to accentuate the eyes while working on the face; after all, they are the most prominent and obvious components on our face. Imagine a face with all the makeup on and absolutely nothing to highlight the eyes – it could actually feel like full moon without moonlight. At the same time, if your eyes are the best features on your face, it would be unfair to treat them specially. Furthermore, it would be a crime to apply the wrong makeup on them.

Black eyeliner and mascara can look very harsh on women with fair skin. Opt for brown ones instead. Brown eyeliner and mascara will help open up your eyes without looking too harsh.”[ Source]

Perfect! Now that you know what type of colors will actually highlight your eyes, it is time to know the right way to hold a mirror.

Get a hand mirror, and when you apply your mascara, hold the mirror down and look into it. This will allow you to see the root all the way to tips of your eyelahses, making it the best way to apply it to the whole entire lash. This gets the best length possible. Don’t look straight into a mirror because you can’t see your entire lash line, and then you just tend to put it on the ends. Maximize length=look down into a mirror, got it? This is my very best technique, because it really works” [Source]

And once you have practiced holding the mirror in the right position, you would like to know the right way to apply the mascara or eyeliner. When you apply makeup, you can’t treat your all the faces with same colors. What’s more surprising is; even when you have known the colors that are right for your skin, you will have to apply makeup in different ways – the application differs with difference in features.

Different Effects Of Eyeliner And Mascara For Different Features

What Eyeliner And Mascara Suits Your Skin?

  • “Eyeliner Application:Apply liner as close to lashes as possible, smudging to avoid a harsh look. To make eyes look bigger or wide-set, starting mid-lid and extend liner just past the end of eye then blend upward.
  • To create a soft, eye-emphasizing effect: Apply eye pencil or cake liner in short feathery strokes from each lash. Immediately blend over with a cotton swab to avoid a harsh look. Follow with matching powder shadow to set.
  • To delay liner fade: Line as usual. Set with like-colored powder eye shadow.
  • To conceal eye lines and slight crinkling around eyes: Start any camouflage work with moisturizer formulated for this area, as dry skin pulls moisture from concealer. Select matte colors to avoid drawing attention to the lines.
  • To hide eye puffs: Prep eye area with a moisturizer intended for the eye area. Smooth eye puffs by blending a slightly lighter colored concealer in the furrow directly below the puff to visually raise the area. Then apply a slightly darker shade directly on the puff to make it recede. Set with powder.
  • To brighten eye-area darkness: To combat eye-area darkness, always moisturize to help grab concealer into eye creases. A lip brush applies concealer precisely. Blend by patting with the ring finger, least likely to tug delicate skin. Use concealer only in dark areas to avoid the raccoon look. Finish with powder a shade lighter than the rest of face. Avoid purplish shadow and dark liner. A hint of pink blush helps neutralize blue.” [Source]

What About The Lipstick?

Blue-toned lip colors like lilac and mauve look best on fair complexions. Fair-skinned women can even pull off red lipstick as long as it is blue-based. Try adding some clear lip gloss on top to give your lips extra shine.” [Source]

Reading the above paragraph might get you a bit dissatisfied because the information looks very limited and you don’t want to be restricted with your choices of colors in makeup. Worry not, we’re not going to limit you in any way; instead, we are going to bring you more information from wherever we can to widen up the area of choices for you. So to complement your skin fairness with the right lipstick color, look at the following information.

Best Lipstick For Fair Skin

What About The Lipstick?

  • The Red Tones:

Bold colors look great on fair skin. Red lipstick is a popular shade that looks simply awesome. Those reds with blue undertones will give a sizzling look to women with fair skin, especially those having pinkish or rosy skin tone. Deep plum red shades such as wine reds with blue undertone or soft berry are amongst the best lipstick colors for fair complexion.” [Source]

  • The Pink Tones:

Pink lipstick colors are another favorite of fair women. These nicely complement their skin and rightly highlight them. Again, pink lipsticks with blue undertones look great. Light shiny pinks are also a good choice for fair skin. Other shades of pink like shell, iced, neon, magenta, rose, clover and ginger can be opted. All the soft pink shades are best ones to go for if you want a soft look. Pink shade with some golden shimmer is a perfect choice for those who want a shiny look. Similarly browns with shimmery bronze or copper hue are a lovely choice for a casual makeup.” [Source]

  • The Brown Tones:

Brown lipstick colors look classy on females having fair complexion. Brown helps highlight the lips without making them look gaudy. This is an earthy tone and looks best on formal attire. Brown shades like plum, apricot, dusty, chocolate or pastel looks pretty. For a simple look, you can go for a beige colored lipstick or a medium brown with pink undertone. Mocha browns or darker brown lipstick colors are also a good choice for donning a perfect evening look.

Remember not to go for pale browns with yellow undertones which will make you look dull. Also, do not pick those reds with orange undertones which are not at all suitable lipstick shades for fair skin. Stay away from gaudy maroon shades which will look extreme on your skin. Hot pinks must also be avoided.

Here’s one more trick to choose lipstick colors. Remove makeup from your lips, wash them and pat them dry. Check the shade of your lips. Choose a lip color belonging to same color family as that of the color of your lips. Just go for a few shades lighter or darker. Remember to examine the tester version of lipstick shades on a sheet of white paper. This will help you know about the perfect color. So no more confusion, no more wastage of money on the wrong lipsticks, hit the shop and pick the right lipstick.” [Source]

The information we give is applicable to most of the people but we can never contain the entire population of fair skinned people within the circle of these tips. Of course, people have their choices and some are smart enough to choose their own combinations and contrasts of colors. At the same time, while you are busy mixing and matching the colors, there’s some new pop artist on TV that bursts out of all makeup restrictions and you’re watching this singer on TV performing with your hands stopped in their positions: maybe just when you were ready to apply your new blush-on. No doubt our makeup tips for fair skin could sound “antique” to you if you’re the disciple of Lady Gaga fashion trends.